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'Woman to Woman'

2013. At World Games in Cali, Colombia.
One of my greatest experiences as an athlete: having the support of my family, friends and whole priceless as unforgettable!
2019. From the day we registered our brand--SO excited! (also, it coincided with my 1-year anniversary living in Switzerland!)
After pushing my mind and body beyond proportions for years and living with the mindset of always going way beyond my limits as an elite athlete, I realized how much harm it was all doing me. It was then when I decided to slow down and start recovering from all those times I did not listen to what I was truly needing as a person and, mostly, as a woman. 
From seeing and using my body as a machine, I began to treat it as a temple. And, thanks to this switch of perspective, I’ve discovered that one of the most beautiful acts of self-care is to eat, move and live with intention. 
Through a conscious change on my diet--including the incorporation of the seed cycling functional protocol, as well as through exercising more gently and giving myself time to heal, I am proud and grateful to say that I was able to FULLY recover my period without a single dose of artificial hormones nor contraceptives. After not getting my period (at all) for more than 5 years, it has been 3 years now since I got my it back: regular and healthy every single month.
Mostly, from this ride I have learned to be in touch with my body and with the beautiful signals it sends me every month, in a way I had never been before. For this reason, and despite the fact that there of course isn’t an absolute truth nor recipe for what is exactly right for all of us, I felt the profound need to share this information and my journey with many more women. To show them how foods that come from nature, foods that have not been modified by adding any form of harmful oils, or sugars, or chemicals...those cannot go wrong!
I believe that kindness and self-love are expressed through the foods we consume. So, this is BLOOM! An authentic reflection of how a difficult period of my life got transformed into an honest product and lifestyle I now want to share with you💕. 

Rommy M.

BLOOM muesli founder.

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