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Mixes to BLOOM!

About our packaging and how we're being part of  the change!

If well some plastic bags looked so appealing and stylish; if well we love fancy and cute as much as you do...we love Mother Earth much more than we love any of the above!!

For this reason, we decided to go for an option that was the most practical for you and the most sustainable for our planet!


Our BLOOM bags are 100% eco-friendly  (with a little green stamp that confirms it!). 

Fully compostable and able to degrade in just 10 weeks, they include a zip lock system that allows them to be resealable. This ensures the freshness of your muesli, as well as the protection against humidity, oxygen and other external factors.

We believe that big changes happen by people making small adjustments in their lives.

Thank you for being part of the change, too!


Are you loving your mueslis?

Let the world know!

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THANKS SO MUCH in advance 💗

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