Ideal during —🌕 Ovulatory Phase or Phase 3

The high levels of the antioxidant glutathione that coconut contains support the first phase of detoxification in the liver, vital around ovulation. These nutrients are important because they promote vascular and anti-oxidative well-being for our ovaries, so we can create the healthiest egg possible! Coconut, already dreamy delicious itself, now in combination with our toasty-almonds, make THE combo. Really, it does not get any better than this…

crazy in the coconut

Package type
  • Size: 400g

    Gluten free oats*, sunflower seeds*, sesame seeds*, coconut chips*, almonds*, hazelnuts*, hemp seeds*, stevia.

    *Denotes organic ingredient. 

    Allergen advice: Can contain pieces from nuts, peanuts, sesame, soy and milk.

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