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our favorite Carbohydrates for happy hormones!

✨Hormones are extremely sensitive to diet (and everything) so it’s no wonder that carbohydrates have a direct effect on our hormones and how they make us feel!

⚖️💗The exact amount of total carbohydrates needed for hormone health is different for every woman but, rather than focusing on amounts and even though there are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ foods, we want to share some of our favorites—and the reasons why they’re always in our staple!

⚡️🌈Carbohydrates are essentially energy giving foods. Although the body can convert fats and proteins into energy, carbohydrates are our bodies first choice for energy production. They are also an important source of fiber and micronutrients, when chosen smartly!

🍠〰️🍟Carbs have been divided into several categories but, to keep it simple, we’ll focus on two different types of them that truly matter when it comes to hormone health: refined carbohydrates and whole food (complex) carbohydrates.

👉🏼Refined Carbohydrates:

These are sugars and starches that have been processed into a form that no longer resembles the form found in nature. These foods have been processed and are therefore lower in fiber and micronutrients.Refined sugar, for instance, has the most devastating effects on health. Other examples include regular pasta and white flour found in bread and cakes.

Refined carbs unwanted effects?

Raised insulin and testosterone (can lead to PCOS). Acne, excess estrogen and can be associated with depression, anxiety, irritability and sleep disturbances

👉🏼Complex Carbohydrates:

These are carbohydrates foods found in their whole form and include whole grains like oats, barley, rye, spelt, brown or wild rice, millet, quinoa and whole wheat, legumes like chickpeas, lentils and beans. Vegetables, starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes and whole fruits also make part of this group. Complex carbs retain the majority of their fiber and nutrient profile, being generally healthful for the body.

Complex carbs wonderful effects?

Their high fiber content flushes out estrogen. They also support fertility, healthy cycles and healthy pregnancies. Complex carbohydrates assist with steady blood sugar levels that prevent against insulin resistant PCOS, diabetes and PMS associated mood swings.

😊As always, remember that balance is key!

Do your best to fill up your diet with 80-85% real, unprocessed carbs and foods in general.

The other 15-20% can be more flexible and allows you to still enjoy those other 'less healthy options' that are an undeniable part of social gatherings and, even though they do not nourish our hormones and bodies too much, they do nourish the soul, that's for sure 🍦!

🥣PS: Organic, gluten free oats in the form of our 5 different @bloommuesli flavors are definitely our fav or favs when it comes to high quality carbs!

💓How about you, what‘s your to-go source of this incredible macronutrient?!

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