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Hormone-friendly alternatives to coffee!

☕️💕Many of us love (and live) for that morning cup of freshly brewed coffee—myself included!

⚡️✨Although some can totally tolerate and control their consumption without failing in the attempt, some others have a harder time not over indulging or are simply extra stressed, have hormonal imbalances or blood sugar dysfunction. Whether you’re in team A or B, reducing your caffeine intake can absolutely (and positively) impact your hormonal health.

But so, what to replace that second, third cup with, specially during these colder months? Here’s a few ideas!

—Roasted dandelion root has a delicious coffee-like flavor! Often mixed with chicory, this beverage can be enjoyed either warm or cold. We love Dandy Blend: tasty, full of benefits, great liver support.

—Hot water with lemon: As basic as it gets, but incredible for digestion, skin cleansing and liver health.

—Decaf chai latte: Chai is warming and comfy in nature. Since it is made from black tea, opt for a clean decaf option!

—Hot cacao: Not your typical chocolate drink but the DIY made with real, raw cacao powder. (Contains caffeine, but way less than coffee).⁣⁣

—Herbal tea: The sky is the limit! Multiple options like peppermint, chamomile, hibiscus, ginger all make a great cuppa! Most are naturally caffeine-free.

—Adaptogen "coffee”: An option that supports our adrenals instead of causing stress. We love Four Sigmatic.

—Golden milk: Check our IG for a pretty quick and tasty recipe of this milk! The main ingredient, turmeric, is warming and anti-inflammatory.

—Matcha tea- Ground up green tea leaves = bright green powder rich in antioxidants. (Contains caffeine, but many say it provides a jitter-free boost).⁣⁣

Which is your fav and which are you gonna give a try this winter? Would love to read from you!

🍃🌸Happy + Healthy Cycles,

Your BLOOM Team

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