🛩🌍 Traveling across time zones, whether for pleasure or for work, changes our innate circadian rhythm and can represent heightened stress, altered meal times and disrupted sleep: a recipe for hormonal chaos that often causes irregular cycles and missed periods.

🤩Here’s a short compilation of our happy hormones-travel kit!

*Magnesium🍃—for stress, digestion & sleep support. We always take with us our chococashew @bloommuesli or a dark chocolate bar to avoid sweets cravings that can lead to consuming things that won’t be as nourishing nor as ideal for our blood sugar balance. A high quality supplement can also help tons! We love Natural Calm (link below).

*Vitamin C🍊—depending on the length of our trip we like to either have a good supplement or (upon availability) indulge in fruits high in antioxidants and vitamin C (think kiwi, strawberry, oranges & lemons) to make sure our immune system is on point during those days we’re gonna be exposed to an environment our body isn’t fully familiar with.

*Ginger (tea)🍵—amazing antibacterial + relieves/prevents constipation, a common issue while on the go and definitely something we don’t wanna have to deal (link below).

*Ashwagandha✨—a great tool in the stress-fighting arsenal, this adaptogen has shown to support healthy stress responses, reduce inflammation and anxiety, and promote good sleep!

Sun Potion's Ashwagandha is amazing (link below).

*Stay active👟—whenever possible, we like to skip the taxi, car or subway… and walk instead! It helps us relax and diminish the muscle tension that comes from those long flights, and from the jet lag💀!

*Snacks—we love packing our own little snack-reserves, specially for during the flight! Small containers filled with our muesli, nuts+seeds or sliced carrots+hummus are life saviors and allow us to have better alternatives at any and every time🥜.

*WATER💧 —basic but crucial, staying hydrated while traveling can make a whole lot of difference in terms of recovery, digestion and overall energy levels. We love bringing our own bottle: easy to refill in the plane and definitely more 🌏-friendly!

*Lavender essential oil💜—just smelling it can reduce headaches and promote relaxation. It also is a wonderful natural antibacterial.

*Eyemask😴—having something to cover our eyes during the flight helps our body produce natural melatonin, which means higher quality rest and sleep.

*RELAX! 🧘🏼‍♀️—Trips come and go, so simply try to take things as easy as you can. Make intelligent decisions for your body whenever possible, but whenever not, remember that stressing over it will only make you miss all the fun (and, add even more stress!).

So be flexible—things will get back to normal and there’ll be plenty of time to resume your routine upon arrival🤗💗.

😁🗺 Bon voyage!

What are some of your MUST when traveling🙋🏽‍♀️?!

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Magnesium: NATURAL CALM.

Use code: AWG6202 for 5% discount :)

Ashwagandha: SUN POTION.

Ginger: YOGI TEA

Use code: AWG6202 for 5% discount :)

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