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Seed cycling isn't only a very gentle way of helping us balance our hormones, but also a self-care 'ritual' that can help us connect much more with ourselves, our bodies, and our very own cycle.
Although natural paths can bring long lasting results, they aren’t precisely an overnight nor quick fix!   For this reason, women usually tend to follow the seed cycling protocol consistently for at least 4 months in order to see sustained benefits. After this, it is recommended to continue seed cycling so that your body truly picks up the rhythm of the practice. 
Besides the benefits we have already exposed under our seed cycling section, we believe that creating this mystical bond with our OWN menstrual cycle can be truly transformative...and totally empowering!
We also believe that there is no better way of building a habit (and sticking to it!) than by doing it in a way that is easy, accessible and enjoyable!  
For this reason, we've created a couple of subscription options: simply choose the one you think suits you best and receive your cycle kit at your doorstep every month (no need to re-order again and again!)
It's time-saving, money-saving (less than CHF 2 per breakfast), and one of the best kind of investments you can do for your health + yourself!  

...every month a little present from you, to YOU!