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The hearts behind your mueslis: meet the BLOOM team!

From coming up with the BLOOM idea, to building this website, handcrafting your mueslis, designing and sticking stickers; shopping; packing; shipping; and much more of what's going on behind the was us! (...and a lot of love and support from our friends and family).
It's been quite the journey and, even though there is still a long way to go, already now we're full of gratitude for every single person we have gotten to meet and everything we have gotten to learn and grow since the beginning of this project. 
My name is Rommy Muñoz, the founder and soul behind BLOOM muesli. I was born in the USA, raised in Colombia and I am now based in Switzerland. I am a psychologist from the University of Utah, with a background in nutrition and a long successful career as a professional athlete, with multiple world titles as inline speed skater.
After moving to Switzerland to start a life with my husband, Yves, together we decided to share my knowledge and experience about nutrition, exercise and the menstrual cycles with many, many women! Women who want to ease their period-related symptoms, learn more about their own bodies and about little adjustments they can make in order to can feel at their greatest: in a sustainable and 100% natural way!
I am the passionate, the go-getter, the tireless worker. Yves is the objective, the patient, the my balance, my calm, and my absolute biggest supporter. 
Thanks so much for stopping by, and thanks for BLOOMing with us!

BLOOMmuesli team.

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