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Ways to BLOOM

While thinking of possible ways to implement the seed cycling protocol into our diets we always had it clear that we wanted it to be three things: nourishing, delicious, and SIMPLE! 
So, as breakfast lovers we thought: how about a muesli? And the idea BLOOMed!
This way, we can give our body that morning-boost and our hormones the right support to feel great from the very beginning of the day!  
Muesli really is as easy as it gets. Some like it raw, some like it with cold milk, warm milk...some change their preferences depending on the season or the mood!
And, because not all manuals gotta be complicated, here's a couple of HOW TO's...

Want your BLOOM-options to go beyond breakfast and get even more versatile?

pre or post
workout fuel
topping for smoothies or yogurt parfaits
am or pm
snack at work
added into muffin mixes, cookie recipes or other baked goods
convenient healthy treat on the go!
with some maple syrup or honey for extra sweet tongues
sprinkled over fresh fruit
...the sky is the limit!

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